Meet Snap Filter, a clever solution to quickly getting a lens filter on and off of your iPhone device without the need for clunky cases or convoluted rigs.

Developed by Pan’s Scheme and currently being funded on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo, this is the world’s first MagSafe filter system. Instead of relying on a dedicated phone case, Snap Filter is based around a magnetic mount that snaps into place on the back of MagSafe compatible iPhone models (iPhone 12 and later).

The various filters offered, which use a proprietary design, simply slide and snap into place over the camera array. This allows you to quickly switch from one filter to another without needing to screw and unscrew the filter each time.

Pan’s Scheme says it took 20 rounds of tests and five prototypes to nail down the design and optical qualities they were searching for. In the end, the company came up with five different types of filters: Cross-star, Gold Streak, Blue Streak, Black Mist and your standard ND filters.

The Cross-star filter gives light sources in the scene a cross-style flare, while the Gold Streak and Blue Streak filters replicate the horizontal-style flares usually seen in anamorphic lenses. As the names suggest, the Gold and Blue filters will color the flares either warmer or cooler, respectively, to fit the aesthetic needed for the scene. To ensure the flares stay horizontal when switching from shooting horizontally to vertically, two different filters come in each set to swap out as needed.

The Black Mist filter gives the soft look we’re accustomed to seeing with other mist-style filters, while the ND filters will reduce the amount of light coming through the cameras to allow for better shutter speed control in bright environments and improved long exposure photography. The four ND filters come in two-, four-, six- and eight-stop versions to block as much or as little light as needed.

At launch, the Snap Filter will be available with filter bases for iPhone 12 models and later, including Apple’s new iPhone 14 models. All tiers will come with the filter base, the accompanying filters and a carrying case with custom slots to safely hold all your filters.

Below is a sponsored review of the Snap Filter system from Julian of YouTube channel Smartphone Filmmaking Pro:

Pledges start at $99 for the ND Snap Filter Bundle, which includes a Kickstarter Special Edition Filter Base and all four ND filters (2, 4, 6 and 8 stops). You can add the other filters with other pledge levels, with the complete All Snap Filter Bundle pledge being $136.

The first pledges are expected to ship in December 2022. The campaign has already surpassed its relatively humble $5,000 goal with a total of $80,000 in pledges from 523 backers on Kickstarter as of publishing this article.

Kickstarter campaign

Indiegogo campaign

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