Editor’s note: The above video and video below show off the original Compact Processor 800 design and functionality. As you’ll read in the article, some of this functionality and the add-on accessories are no longer available in this updated version.

Last August, we shared a crowdfunding campaign for the Compact Processor 800 (CP800), an all-in-one film processing machine from Australian film lab, FilmNeverDie. While the crowdfunding campaign didn’t reach its initial goal, FilmNeverDie is determined to get the machine out to customers, announcing it is now selling a pared down version of the CP800 directly on its website with no need to pledge money for a crowdfunding campaign.

On its new product page, FilmNeverDie says it’s ‘still charging ahead [with the CP800], with a few caveats […] so that we can still produce a machine that can perform well.’

Some of those caveats include the removable 2L or 5L chemistry storage unit, the programmable temperature control, the dimmable LCD display with D-pad control panel and the metal construction with black 3D-printed components. Now, FilmNeverDie suggests using single-dose chemistry for processing and using a sous vide machine to get the chemistry up to temperature.

Aside from those features, and the fact these machines will be manufactured in Malaysia rather than Australia (which was the original plan), the same basic functionality and design remains. The CP800 now features a 304 Stainless Steel design, uses a large capacity processing drum (capable of developing eight 35mm rolls or four 120 rolls), has 12 indexed hoses (six inlet, six outlet) for pumping and disposing of chemistry/water, includes chemistry level detectors and has an LCD screen.

The device is compatible with Paterson, AP and Jobo 1500 reels and each step of the development process is customizable using the integrated display and software.

In addition to purchasing the entire unit, FilmNeverDie has also made the entire project Open Source, so both the hardware and software can be tinkered with for those who either want to build their own processor or customize the software to better fit their developing needs. The entire project can be found here under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

FilmNeverDie has shared an FAQ about the Compact Processor 800, as well as full documentation of nearly every detail of this second attempt to get automated processing into the hands of small film labs and ambitious film photographers.

The CP800 is now available to purchase through FilmNeverDie’s online shop for $4350 (roughly $2,750). All complete units shipped from FilmNeverDie come with a five-year warranty on all parts.