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'It’s Saturday, where’s my DPReview TV episode?' Well, Chris and I just released six episodes in one week, and we're absolutely tuckered out. While we recuperate, check out our recent deluge of episodes to make sure you didn’t miss any.

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Nikon Z9 firmware 3.0

The puppets return to guide you through some of the major upgrades found in the Nikon Z9 firmware 3.0. Which seemingly minor upgrade has Chris the most excited? Will he be able to keep his human head out of the frame? Find out now.

OM System OM-5 review

We were able to spend well over a month with the OM System OM-5, including a vacation to lovely San Diego, California. The OM-5 looks nearly identical to the Olympus E-M5 Mark III, but are the upgrades under the hood enough to warrant a new model?

Sony a7R V initial review

A new high resolution Sony camera demands a road trip, so Chris and I went south to check out the new features, and most importantly, new autofocus algorithms. Also, Chris misidentifies an insect, you can only imagine the online furor that caused.

Canon EOS R6 II initial review

San Diego again?! Shortly after our family vacation, Canon invited us back to that lovely city to shoot a bunch of athletes doing incredible things. We took a look at new features while making sure to give Canon a hard time for leaving interface issues unaddressed.

Nikon 600mm F4 initial review

Unlike many camera companies, Nikon is doing a fantastic job fleshing out its mirrorless telephoto lens lineup. While Chris didn’t encounter much wildlife during his limited time with the lens, he was able to make a dated music reference, which is almost as good.

Fujifilm X-T5 initial review

Finally, Fujifilm listened to photographers' wails of despair after the decidedly video optimized X-T4 was released when they designed the X-T5. Chris highlights the features while hunting for puddles, and I mope about compromised 4K recording.

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One more thing...

If you've already seen these videos, take a moment to check out Fujifilm’s new X-T5 ad, which made my weekend. Hopefully it’ll make yours as well.