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Pentax announces the KF, a slightly-tweaked version of its K-70 APS-C DSLR

The KF is effectively unchanged from its 24MP K-70 predecessor, aside from a slightly higher-resolution articulating rear display, a few grams shed and a collection of new Custom Image presets.

Leica re-releases the Leica M6 film camera for $5,295 with updated viewfinder, 'modern electronics' and more

38 years after the M6 first went on sale, Leica is re-releasing an updated model with new and improved features while keeping the same iconic design.

Sony announces the FX30, an FX3 with a 26MP Super35/APS-C sensor

Sony's FX30 Super35/APS-C Cinema Line camera is effectively a crop-sensor version of the company's full-frame FX3 camera with sensor-based image stabilization, oversampled 4K/60p capture and '16-bit' Raw output and more.

GoPro's new Hero 11 Black models offer 5.3K 10-bit video at 60fps in extra-tall 8:7 format

GoPro has released three Hero 11 Black models, including the Hero 11 Black, Hero 11 Black Creator Edition and Hero 11 Black Mini. All three cameras use a larger, higher-resolution sensor with improved resolution, stabilization and more.

DJI announces Osmo Action 3, with 4K/120p recording, longer-lasting battery

DJI's new Osmo Action 3 can now record 4K video at up to 120fps (up from 4K/60p) and has a longer-lasting battery with 30W quick-charge support.

Insta360 X3 action cam uses new 48MP sensors, larger touchscreen & better performance

Insta360 has announced the X3, the company's newest 360-degree action camera. The X3 includes new higher-res sensors, a larger touchscreen, and a bigger battery, among other exciting new features.

Fujifilm’s 40MP X-H2 has 5-axis IBIS and can capture internal 8K/30 ProRes 422 video

Fujifilm has announced the X-H2, a high-resolution X System camera that packs inside the largest-ever X-Trans sensor from Fujifilm that’s capable of capturing 40MP stills and internal 8K ProRes 422 video at up to 30fps.

Hasselblad’s new $8,200 X2D 100C packs a massive 100MP sensor inside with 5-axis IBIS

Hasselblad’s new X2D 100C packs a massive 100MP back-side illumined CMOS sensor inside that’s mounted to a 5-axis image stabilization system Hasselblad claims offers up to seven stops of compensation.

Sony launches the FR7, the world's first full-frame ILC pan-tilt-zoom camera

Sony has expanded its Cinema Line with a full-frame PTZ camera, the FR7. Combining the same internals as the FX6 and a robust, precise PTZ design, the FR7 promises to expand the possibilities for content creators, filmmakers and live event production.

Sony Japan teases new robotic cinema camera

Sony Japan has posted a teaser on its website showing off what appears to be the company's next cinema product.

Sony's a7 IV gets anti-forgery crypto signature technology (for commercial purposes)

Sony has announced in-camera forgery-proof photo technology for its a7 IV mirrorless camera. The technology, aimed at corporate users, cryptographically signs images in-camera to detect future pixel modification and tampering.

RED's $35,000 V-RAPTOR XL 8K Vista Vision camera is now available to pre-order

This behemoth uses the same 8K full-frame Vista Vision CMOS sensor found inside the standard V-RAPTOR, but adds an impressive I/O array, integrated ND filter and more to make it a production-ready rig.

Nikon announces Z30 vlogger and creator-focused mirrorless camera

Nikon has announced the Z30, a 21MP APS-C mirrorless camera aimed at vloggers and content creators. It has a lot in common with the existing Z50 and Z fc with a few tweaks and a lower price tag.

Insta360 announces ONE RS 1-inch 360 Edition: 360-degree camera co-engineered with Leica

Joining its diverse lineup of ONE R and RS action cameras, Insta360 has announced the 1-inch 360 Edition camera, co-engineered with Leica. The camera sports dual 1"-type image sensors and records 21MP still photos and 6K/30p video with a full 360-degree field of view.

Fujifilm announces X-H2S high-end APS-C stills/video hybrid

Fujifilm has announced the X-H2S, a high-end 26MP APS-C stills/video mirrorless camera capable of 40fps shooting, 4K/120 video and subject recognition AF built around a Stacked CMOS sensor.

Film Friday: Reto announces $50 Kodak-branded Ektar H35 half-frame film camera

Reto has announced a new half-frame 35mm camera, the Kodak-branded Ektar H35. The lightweight, affordable camera allows you to capture 72 images using a single 36-shot roll of 35mm film.

Canon announces the EOS R10, a $949 24MP midrange APS-C camera for RF-mount

While its lineage is clearly inspired by Canon's line of Rebel DSLRs, this 24MP APS-C mirrorless camera takes plenty of inspiration from Canon's more capable full-frame mirrorless cameras.

Ricoh announces rugged WG-80 compact camera with better built-in LED lights

The WG-80 remains largely unchanged from the WG-70, but it now has a front LED ring light that's twice as bright as its predecessor. Aside from that, the 16MP CMOS sensor and 28-140mm full-frame equivalent lens stays the same.

This light field camera inspired by an extinct trilobite promises high-resolution image with extreme depth of field

Focusing on an object a few centimeters in front of your camera is easy with a macro lens. What if you want to focus on something over a kilometer away simultaneously? New research shows that it's possible thanks to a light field camera with an incredible lens design inspired by an extinct arthropod's unique compound eyes.

Insta360 ONE RS modular action camera announced with more powerful Core and 48MP 4K Boost Lens

Insta360 has announced the ONE RS modular action camera. It includes a new core and a 48MP 4K Boost Lens. The new components are compatible with existing ONE R cameras, too, so users can upgrade one component at a time.

Ricoh announces limited-edition 'Urban' version of its GR IIIx, with new exposure and focus modes

In addition to a new paint job and matching accessories, this limited-edition GR IIIx includes exposure and focus modes that will also come to the standard GR IIIx when this limited-edition version launches next month.

OM Digital Solutions unveils the OM System OM-1, a 20.4MP Micro Four Thirds camera

OM Digital Solutions has announced the OM-1, its first camera under the OM System brand. The camera features 20.4MP Micro Four Thirds stacked backside-illuminated Live MOS sensor with 5-axis in-body image stabilization.

Phantom S991 high-speed camera shoots 4K video at 937 frames per second

Vision Research has announced the Phantom S991 high-speed camera. While not its fastest camera, the S991 offers a unique blend of speed and resolution thanks to a new and improved fiber cable technology.

Canon announces the EOS R5C, a Cinema EOS and a stills camera all in one body

Canon has announced the EOS R5C, the newest member of both its EOS line of still cameras and its Cinema EOS motion picture system. It effectively combines an EOS R5 mirrorless camera with a pro-level Cinema EOS camera, all in a single body, and provides use case-specific operation right down to the menu system.

Leica announces the M11 rangefinder camera, with 60MP BSI sensor

Leica has announced the M11, the newest member of its M-series rangefinder line of cameras. It's headline spec is a new 60MP BSI CMOS sensor, but it also includes useful features like a larger battery, internal storage, a redesigned baseplate and more.

Canon confirms it will release a new Cinema EOS camera on January 19

Canon USA has taken to social media to tease the release of a new Cinema EOS camera system. The announcement is set to take place at 7am (EST) on January 19, 2022.

Nikon more than doubles the dual-format burst performance of the Z9 with 1.10 firmware update

Firmware version 1.10 for the Nikon Z9 increases the burst length of dual-format shooting from three seconds to eight seconds. The update also addresses other bugs found in firmware version 1.00.

Update: Canon CEO confirms the 1DX Mark III will be the company's last flagship DSLR

It probably shouldn't come as a surprise, but this is the first confirmation we've seen regarding the future of Canon's storied EOS-1 camera lineup, which got its start back in 1989.

Sony ceases orders for a7C and a6600, confirms a7 II and a6100 have reached end-of-life

Sony Japan issued a statement confirming it will is no longer accepting orders for its a7C and a6600 mirrorless camera systems, citing issues with procuring parts amidst the global chip shortage.

Nikon confirms the first Z9 orders will start shipping on December 23

Nikon has sent an email to Nikon Professional Services members informing them that pre-orders for the Nikon Z9 will start being fulfilled on December 23 for members who have submitted a priority delivery request.

Fujifilm's new Instax Mini Evo Hybrid is an instant camera with 10 integrated lenses and 10 film effects

Fujifilm has announced a new instant camera, the Instax Mini Evo Hybrid. It combines digital camera capabilities with Instax analog film printing. The camera includes 10 integrated lenses and 10 film effect options.

Sony announces new Venice 2 cinema camera: 8.6K internal Raw, 16 stops of dynamic range, interchangeable sensors and more

The Venice 2 takes over the original Venice as Sony's flagship cinema camera. It's available with two different sensor options and is capable of recording internal Raw.

Epson found 30 in-box R-D1s rangefinders in a warehouse, and Epson fans will win them all

In Japan, Epson workers found 30 sealed R-D1s rangefinder cameras in a warehouse. Epson fans can enter a lottery to win the cameras.

Nikon announces Z9, a 30 fps, 8K, Stacked CMOS professional mirrorless camera

After a long buildup, Nikon has unveiled the Z9, its flagship full-frame mirrorless camera. The 45.7MP Stacked CMOS camera can shoot up to 30 fps (20 in Raw), capture 8K video and includes a version of Nikon's 3D Tracking AF system underpinned with subject recognition.

Sony launches a7 IV - more capable, more expensive 33MP full-frame ILC

Sony has announced the a7 IV, a more expensive, more capable 33MP update of its core full-frame mirrorless camera series.

Hands-on with the Panasonic BS1H

The DC-BS1H is Panasonic's second box camera, packing the essential pieces of its full-frame mirrorless video flagship, the S1H, into a modular body designed for video shooters. We go hands-on to see what's the same and where the models differ.

Panasonic Lumix DC-BS1H brings S1H full-frame performance to box-format camera

Panasonic has announced the Lumix BS1H, a modular box-format camera offering comparable capabilities to its S1H full-frame mirrorless camera.

Hasselblad releases $15K 907X Anniversary Edition Kit to celebrate 80th anniversary

To celebrate 80 years of manufacturing cameras, Hasselblad has released a limited-edition kit for its 907x camera that will retail for $15,000.

Canon launches EOS R3, a pro mirrorless camera with 30 fps, eye control and advanced AF

Canon has announced the EOS R3, a pro-grade 24MP mirrorless camera designed for sports, wildlife and photojournalism. It revives Canon's Eye Control AF technology, as part of the company's most powerful autofocus system yet.

Ricoh’s new GR IIIx camera features a new 40mm equiv. lens, improved image processor and more

The 24MP APS-C camera features an all-new 40mm (full-frame equiv.) F2.8 lens, a new image processor and more.

Canon teases September 14 launch event, calls it 'the most exciting announcement of the year'

The teaser shows off a Canon RF lens mount and notes a livestreamed event will take place at 12pm CEST (+2 UTC) on September 14, 2021.

The Fujifilm GFX 50S II is the least expensive medium-format digital camera ever

Fujifilm has announced the GFX 50S II, a 50 Megapixel medium-format camera that will cost just $4000. It features in-body stabilization, a two-axis tilting LCD, a 3.69M-dot EVF and the ability to create super-high-res 205MP photos.

Fujifilm X-T30 II offers higher-res LCD and improved performance

Fujifilm today quietly rolled out an updated X-T30 and a lower-cost X-T3. The X-T30 II gains a higher-resolution LCD and additional RAM, allowing it to perform at the same level as the X-T4. The X-T3 WW is the same as the regular model, minus a battery charger.

Polaroid's new Now+ instant camera uses your smartphone to unlock specialized capture modes

The Polaroid Now+ offers a collection of new and improved shooting modes, but you'll first need to connect it to the Polaroid mobile app via your smartphone.

Canon XF605 professional 4K camcorder and new 8K broadcast lens announced

Canon has announced a new compact 4K camcorder aimed at solo shooters, the XF605. It's 10% smaller and 600g lighter than the Canon XF705. Canon has also announced the 10x16 KAS S 8K broadcast lens.

Update: Images appear to confirm Nikon’s Z9 is being tested at the Olympics, gives us the first look at its back side

A pair of images briefly posted to (then removed from) Twitter appear to show off Nikon’s unreleased full-frame mirrorless camera.

The new 'entry-level' Phantom TMX 5010 video camera can shoot at up to 1.16M FPS

Vision Research has announced the TMX 5010, a new 'entry-level' Phantom TMX video camera that can shoot at up to 1.16M frames per second.

Sony announces the ZV-E10, an Alpha series APS-C mirrorless camera aimed at vloggers

The ZV-E10 is Sony's first interchangeable lens camera designed specifically for vloggers. It's similar to the company's a6000-series bodies, but incorporates many features from Sony's compact ZV-1 vlogging camera.

Sony to announce a new camera in the next 24 hours

After initially postponing the announcement earlier this month, Sony Japan has confirmed a new camera will be announced at 23:00 JST (10am EDT, 7am PDT) on July 27, 2021.

Here's the Olympus PEN E-P7 and here's what it means...

OM Digital Solutions has announced the Olympus PEN E-P7, a 20MP image-stabilized Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera. The mid-range model is initially being launched in Europe and other select regions, but not North America.

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