Apple’s new M2 iPad Pro models support ProRes video recording for the first time ever in an iPad device. We know as much, because Apple proudly touted it in its product release materials. What Apple failed to mention at the time, however, is that ProRes recording isn’t capable through Apple’s native camera app, unlike in its iPhone devices.

It isn’t clear whether this is by design or a bug on Apple’s end, as reported by MacRumors, but if Apple knew ProRes wouldn’t be supported in the native camera app, it never made any indication of that in the launch materials for the new M2 iPad Pro models. It wasn’t until customers started receiving their M2 iPad Pro models they noticed it wasn’t an option in the native app, nor available to turn on in the Camera app settings.

As noted by Mac Otakara, ProRes capture is possible with M2 iPad Pro models using third-party apps such as FiLMiC Pro, but it seems strange to promote a feature users can’t use out of the box, especially considering the precedent set with recent iPhone Pro models, which can use ProRes capture out of the box with the native iPhone camera app.

We have contacted Apple to clarify whether this was intentional or is the result of a bug and will update this article accordingly when/if we receive a response.

Apple’s new M2 iPad Pro models a rather minor updates over their M1 predecessors. Aside from the updated chipset, the only notable upgrades were a new hover feature for the Apple Pencil 2 and the inclusion of ProRes video recording, the latter of which appears to not be available with iPadOS . You can read our initial coverage of the new M2 iPad Pro models below.

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