Final Verdict, Third Party Or No Third Party Lenses?
5 hours ago

So, I'm hoping to buy a new camera system by December. It will be either the Canon R6II or a Sony. Simple as that. I have never owned a modern FF camera from either brand but I really really like what I see in the R6II and I feel THAT is the right camera for my photography needs and 24MP is the perfect balance for me.

But, without third party lens availability forget it most likely I won't jump into the RF Canon system.

I know it can be done and just get an EF to RF adapter and use previous EF glass but man to be honest that idea doesn't really click with me. I guess I can rent the R6II when it comes out and pop on an older portrait lens like a 105mm.

The thing is that I have low back surgery and I want to move on with the latest technology from Sigma and Tamron with their smaller and lighter lenses for mirrorless. But if Canon won't allow that then that just sucks. I'm getting older and more tired and I really need those lighter lenses. There is simply no way I will carry a Canon RF 85mm 1.2 nor will I pay for such beast since I can't afford it.

As much as I like the Canon R6 II, I'm simply not going to go Canon without a single sign that Canon is working with Sigma or Tamron to come out with RF mount. Heck, even Viltrox.

So, does anybody have any info regarding this situation? Is there a "maybe" or is there already a major "no go for sure" decision from Canon?