😁😁 Look What Jerry and I got to Play With Today!!!😁😁
6 hours ago

More images to come about the "MOD" photo get together today in the desert of Southern California... but we first met at cam store knowing the Fuji rep would be there with the new gear. Got to see and hold the X-T5 and the new FUJIFILM XF 30mm f/2.8 R LM WR Macro Lens.  As you can imagine the T5 looks and feels like the T-series cams we have come to "love."  They had the add-on grip placed which made it a little easier to hold in my large hand.  I was very impressed by the 30mm and ordered it for my new H2 (2 weeks new).  Interesting, another fellow brought in his H2 and said he was going to trade it for the T5 because his H2 was "too heavy."  He was entertaining....a retired WAPO photographer who loves to shoot for no other reason he loves it....showed us a bunch of his images.

BTW a great day with Jerry and you will probably see and hear more about our November 10 in the coming week.

Bob aka BobsYourUncle
DPR Co-MOD - Fuji X Forum