Fuji Repair Experience
12 hours ago

I finally sent in my XPro3 for a shutter release problem.  The half-press for autofocus.


1)  Requested repair through the Fuji website and got a shipping label (2nd Bus Day Delivery) and instructions.  Paid at that time for shipping.

2) 10/29/22 (Sat) - Dropped off at FedEx.

3)  11/1/22 - Delivered

4)  11/5/22  - Called Fuji.  I had not received a quote for repair.  The status was "In Process".  I had been use to dealing with Nikon all these years and would give a true status such as Awaiting Inspection, Awaiting Quote Acceptance, Awaiting Parts, Awaiting Repair, etc.  No such thing from Fuji.  Well I spoke to a rep and a quote had been generated on 11/4.  He stated that there is a problem with quotes automatically being emailed.  He emailed the quote and I gave him credit card info over phone.  He did not ask for billing zipcode.  I have been keeping tabs on status on website but only got a "In Process" status.

5)  11/9/22 - Received email saying camera was repaired but they were having problems with credit card.  Well after trading emails, it hit me that they may be using my shipping zip code as a billing zip code.  I asked if it this could be the problem.  It was.  They were able to charge my card.  I eventually got an email that it was shipped.

Their system is not that great.  They assume that the shipping zipcode could be used as a billing zip code despite the fact I had to give them my credit at the very beginning for shipping.  Who knows what would happened if I had not called them to get a status instead of simply waiting for a quote.