New tool in Lightroom is great for landscape shooters
13 hours ago

If you haven't seen it yet, they added a new tool in the masking section of Lightroom that is tailor-made for landscape shooters and improves the use of the Dehaze tool.

We all get those shots where the distant background looks hazy, a while ago Adobe added the Dehaze tool, and we all know if you dehaze the whole image it really screws it up. The new masking tools from the recent update last year helped some, but the latest update with the Object mask really makes a big difference.

Below in the first shot is the problem with the hazy background...

the 2nd image is using the object mask and painting the mountains in the background with the brush tool

Adobe's Ai does a good job creating a mask about 80% of the time which the 3rd image shows, you can touch of the maks using the Add or Subtract function and the brush

the 4th image is just applying the Dehaze to the mask LR created of that band of mountains in the background, obviously, you can do whatever you want to that band now that it has been masked, you can warm it or cool it, add contrast, change the highlights, the blacks etc..