Which Mirrorless - X-S10 vs OM5 or wait?
13 hours ago

I have been following a thread elsewhere - but thought it better to start a fresh:

I have just sold my Nikon D7500 with 18-200 lens, as I just found it too big and heavy to take with me on holidays.  I like taking photos, but almost always had that camera on Auto.  I would like to gradually improve my skills, maybe using Aperture priority, to get more shallow depths of fields, but am quite lazy - so perhaps could use some "Custom settings".

Broadly I have narrowed the choice down to an OM5 and a Fuji X-S10.

The new Fuji X-T5 could be a contender, but its probably a little too advanced for me, and therefore more than I really need to spend - but am not completely ruling it out

I am still a little concerned about the OM5 being Micro 4/3s. The shop specialists all say its great, and unless I am blowing up to a massive poster size, I wont see the difference.

I am just not sure I completely believe it, and also I think it can effect the depth of field, depth of colour, performance in low light etc, and if I am looking to use something as an alternative to the iPhone 14 Pro, to get much better pictures, then surely I need a much better sensor - or at least thats my very naive logic.

And I want weather sealing (especially as I will be taking the camera on holidays, on the beach, and need better protection agains sand dust, and sea spray).

And I want Ibis - I never have a tripod.  I will also use it for some video, but that is a lesser requirement.

And I need a decent but compact zoom lens (equivalent ideally of my 18-200 of my DSLR), great auto-focus, not too big a body, and a fairly up-to-date model.

I don't think I really need the Fuji X-T5, the X-S10 would be great if it had weather sealing - and the OM5 still feels like old tech, and its that micro 4/3s.

I am not in a hurry, but can't wait forever - is it worth waiting for the next launch in this market segment? Or am I driving myself mad -and is the OM5 the answer?  Or push the boat out and get the X-T5.

Or am I missing something?  Help - much appreciated.