Severe banding from R6 - Concert Photography
13 hours ago

Hello everyone,

I did some concert photography this past week, and noticed that the R6 has been having some banding - horizontal lines where colors & exposure are different. Looking back at the pictures there doesn't seem to be any consistency when it appears, and during this specific shoot it is in ~50% of the pictures. I had EFCS on.

Here's an example where it's very noticeable:

Shutter 1/250, F2.8, ISO 12800, exposure compensation -1, lens Canon EF 70-200mm III with R-EF adaptor, high speed continuous shooting.

Is there any setting or technique I can do/change to make sure this doesn't happen as much, or at all?  Any help and insight would be appreciated - I have another gig I'll be covering this weekend and really don't want this to happen again.


ps- I have shot at many other concerts with the same setup and I might see this in 2-3 pictures per night (out of ~300 pictures), so you can appreciate how I'm concerned about this last shoot.