Is there a big difference between the old 23/1.4 and the new one?
14 hours ago

I have pre-ordered an X-T5 with the 16-80/4. I also got the 70-300/4-5.6 and the 23/1.4. Later I discovered that there is a newer 23/1.4 that is weather sealed. The new lens is larger and heavier which reduces my interest. The older version lens that I ordered is not weather sealed and was a lot cheaper than the new version. I've searched online and read a few articles stating the first version is in the same performance league other than the lack of WR. That isn't that big of a deal for me.

I'm coming from Canon M mount and excited about moving to Fuji, but the 40MP sensor has me a little worried. I have the M6 MkII that has a 32MP crop sensor and I can tell which images were shot with a zoom vs my 22/2 or 32/1.4 primes. The 32mm is notably better than my other lenses. I'm aware there aren't a lot of people experienced with the new sensor, but hoping someone has experience with the 23/1.4 lenses and can share their thoughts. Thanks!