My BIF settings OM-1
2 months ago

I have been experimenting with my BIF settings since I got my OM-1 four months ago. I thought there may be some out there who would be interested in where I have settled. I have included some explanation how I've reached this point.

Auto WB - a no brainer for me. 99% of my photography is in daylight and auto WB works extremely well.

ISO Auto moving from dark to light subjects and backgrounds this is definitely the most reliable ISO setting. The general improvement in ISO performance and the fact that every one of my pictures goes through DXO PureRaw means I don't worry too much about ISO although it's unusual for me to go much above ISO 2000.

AF Target Mid. This is just my compromise which seems to work best for me.

Manual shooting mode. This is really Shutter priority with more flexibility and I can use EC while sticking with my default, speed aperture and ISO.

Shutter speed 1/2500.

Aperture F8, because I often shoot multiple birds DOF is useful to me. This means sacrificing some light but is definitely worth it. I am tempted to go F11 but that may be a step too far in light and IQ degradation.

CAF no tracking

Drive mode sequential silent 5fps, frame count limiter 10, I would be tempted to go below 10 but as far as I can see, 10 is the minimum. I have sequential shooting settings on page 1 of my menu so that I can quickly change if I feel the need.

FN lever 2 is set to allow back dial to act as Exposure Compensation in manual. This has been very useful. It means I lose Shutter speed from the dials but I am working with a permanent 1/2500. If I do want to change SS it means a quick trip to the SCP. I find the metering to be incredibly sensitive compared to my G9 and it is important for me to respond to changes with the EC.

Image review, probably surprising to many people I have this switched on at 0.5 seconds. It has been pointed out to me on this forum that you can't use the EVF as wysiwyg and it is certainly true. I often misjudge my exposure accuracy as a result. On my G9 I trusted this to give me a close if not accurate view of what I was taking. By using image review I get a very good idea of how accurate I am and it almost subconscious, I rarely am bothered by that 1/2 second but it tells me what I need to know.

Metering Spot, In all the years I have been taken I have never used spot metering although it is popular among many DSLR bird photographers. I have stuck with the default, in the case of the OM-1, Digital ESP. However as I said above I have found metering to be very sensitive and when taking BIFs it is very easy to end up with a totally under or over exposed bird. Spot metering has helped a lot and I am now getting more accurate results.

IS permanently switched on. I worry about this not being the right solution, but the viewfinder stability is worth a lot to me.

I don't know if this information is of any use to anybody but documenting it is useful to me anyway.

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