OM-1 Settings Spreadsheet
8 months ago

I have an OM-1 on Pre-Order but don't expect it for some time yet. Knowing how customizable Olympus cameras are, I created a spreadsheet for all the possible settings (I'm retired so have the time). The exercise allowed me to become familiar with the new menu layout and settings. I used the Default Settings starting on Page 311 of the English language version of the manual, version 1.0. There are two versions on Dropbox, one for Excel and one for the Mac Numbers app. I created it in Numbers and exported to Excel. I verified that it opens properly in Excel but I didn't do any extensive testing of that version. Feel free to download and use to setup your new camera. There's a column for the defaults, a column for modes A,S,M and a column for each of the Custom modes. The custom modes are labeled for my current thoughts on what I will need, Sequential, ProCapture and Static Subjects.

OM-1 Settings Spreadsheet for Excel

OM-1 Settings Spreadsheet for Mac Numbers

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EM1.2, EM1X, Nikon Z6